Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction to Soccer

Q - "When does the fall season start and end?"
A - Select teams begin the weekend after Labor Day and go into December; Recreational play begins the second weekend after Labor Day and ends the last Saturday before Thanksgiving (you will get a schedule).

Q - "When and where are games played?"
A - Some older select games are on Sundays, all other games are on Saturdays. Matches for younger players are within Greater Renton-Tukwila area (Renton, Newcastle, Tukwila, Skyway). Older players' matches are in south King County and Pierce County.

Q - "Tell me about practices."
A - Practices may begin in mid-August (coach decides). Typically practice is two evenings a week for about 1 hour (longer for older players). Usually several teams share a field. The objective is to provide age-appropriate activity that is fun and develops skills.

Q - "What uniforms and equipment are required for players?"
A - The following apply to the youngest players, extracted from the modified rules:
      1. Footwear: Tennis shoes or soccer shoes with soft cleats.
      2. Shin-guards: Mandatory, approved manufactured age and size specific. Socks must be worn up and over the shin-guards.
      3. No jewelry of any kind, no decorative items in the hair such as beads, clips, etc.
      4. No casts or splints are allowed. Other medical devices may be allowed as long as such a device does not pose a hazard to
           the player/other players.
      5. Shorts and shirts should be of like color for each team. Home team will switch colors if needed.

Q - "What can I do to help?"
A - Please volunteer. Assist the coach. Coordinate snacks. Plan trophies and team party. Arrange ride pools. Also your Club has a number of positions for volunteers.

Q - "And if I have more questions?"
A - Ask your child's coach.

Sideline Behavior

Letter to Parents - Sideline Behavior

The first month of Youth regular-season play has produced a greater-than-normal number of WYS matches affected by parents and/or coaches failing to behave in a responsible manner. We are seeing a disturbing trend toward more and more unacceptable behavior from people whose only reason for attending is to yell at the referee and disrupt the game. This encompasses behavior from dissent and foul or abusive language to full-blown threats aimed at the officials.