New King County Soccer Field Locator

The following are older maps to fields within GRTYSA

Apollo Elementary
15025 SE 117th, Renton
Maple Hills Park
15204 204th Ave SE, Renton
Black River High School
7800 South 132nd Street, Renton
Maplewood Heights Elementary
13430 144th Ave SE, Renton
Bryn Mawr Elementary
8212 S 118th St, Seattle
Maywood Middle School
14490 168th Ave SE, Renton
Campbell Hill Elementary
6418 South 124th Street, Seattle
May Valley
16404 SE 112th, Renton
Carco / Cedar River Park
1717 Maple Valley Highway, Renton
McKnight Middle School
2600 NE 12th St, Renton
Cascade Elementary
16022 116th Ave. S.E, Renton
Nelsen Middle School
2403 Jones S, Renton
Cascade View Elementary
13601 32nd Avenue South, Tukwila,
Newcastle Elementary
8400 136th Avenue SE, Newcastle
Coal Creek Park (Coal Field)
164th Ave SE & SE 124th, Renton
Petrovitsky Park
Dimmitt Middle School
12320 80th Avenue South, Seattle
Renton High School
400 South 2nd, Renton
Fort Dent Park (Starfire)
Interurban Ave S & Southcenter Blvd, Tukwila
Renton High School Stadium
406 North Logan, Renton
Foster High School
So 144th St & 42nd Ave S, Tukwila
Renton Park Elementary School
16828 128th Ave SE, Renton
Foster Memorial Park
13919 53rd Ave. S. Tukwila
Ron Regis Park
Maple Vly Hwy & 149th Ave, Renton
Hazen High School
142nd Ave SE & SE 114th St, Renton
Showalter Middle School
4628 So 144th St, Tukwila
Highlands Neighborhood Park
800 Edmonds Avenue NE
Sierra Heights Elementary
9901 132nd Ave SE, Renton
High Valley
12500 202nd Pl SE, Issaquah, WA
Talbot Hill Elementary School
2300 Talbot Rd S, Renton
Hillcrest Elementary
1800 Index Ave. SE & NE 16th St., Renton
S 122nd St & 79th Ave S, Seattle
Honeydew Elementary
800 Union Ave NE, Renton
Tiffany Park
1902 Lake Youngs Way S, Renton
Kennydale Lions Park
2428 Aberdeen Avenue, Renton
Tukwila Community Center
12424 42nd Ave. So. Tukwila
Kiwanis Park
815 Union Ave NE, Renton
Tukwila Elementary
5939 S 149th St, Tukwila
Lee Philips (Foster Memorial)
13919 53rd Ave. S. Tukwila
Liberty High School
16655 SE 136th, Issaquah
Lindbergh High School
16426 128th Ave SE, Renton

Insurance Certificates

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Location of certificate

  • City of Renton
  • City of Tukwila - 2
  • Issaquah School District - 1
  • High Valley Park - 2
  • Highlands Community Church - 1
  • King County Parks - 1
  • Maple Hills Park - 1
  • Renton School District - 2
  • Starfire -1
  • Tukwila School District - 2